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Breaking the Fourth Wall

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Defying Categorization

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Can someone explain to me what Emo is?

From what I gather, they're like goths without looking cool. Replace the fishnets with gas station attendant shirts or something. I think if you try to draw a diagram, and put goth in the middle, then industrial off to one side and ethereal sort of around the corner, noting that both Sisters of Mercy and The Crüxshadows are considered "goth" despite sounding abso-freaking-lutely nothing like each other, then emo lies in the third direction, and punk may or may not be beyond that, and then you have to figure out where to put the dot for Siouxsie and the Banshees, who were punk, right, but then they were like one of the first goth bands, so are they on top of the emo blob but not part of it, or do you need another dimension to represent this crap? Then you wad up the whole thing, and go to listen to the bands you like without worrying about classification.

I don't really know- I think goths are those whiny kids with hair combed in their faces...?

I love your site!!! I came here from a link on the WoW forums. Very fun.

What he said.

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Originally posted by Irie, a troll mage on Dragonblight, to the General Forum:

You are right, I don't get it.

I don't get why any emotionally stable individual would give a crap about someone coming over from a different type of server.

I don't get how PvP server people think they are somehow "hardcore" and better than people that play on a PvE server.

Wow! You leveled to 60 while putting up with sociopathic losers whose only enjoyment of the game is derrived from harrassing other players. Woop de doo.

In my book that doesn't make you better or cooler. It makes you retarded for putting up with something that you didn't have to.

Rest assured, I won't be trying to transfer my PvE character to your big, bad PvP server. However, if I was Blizzard and someone was silly enough to want to pay me money to move a character from one type of server to another, I sure as heck would let them.

You missed the point.

People on PvP servers know what its like to be killed with no option to fight back.

People on PvE servers just wait till their PvP flag drops.

If you level on a PvE server, then transfer to a PvP server, you are in a position to kill people that have 0 chance against you. You also managed to game the system to avoid this weakness.

Personaly, the "fair" solution is to allow PvE -> PvP servers only on servers where the player allready has a 55+ level toon.

Realisticaly, it was done because PvE servers allow you to have both horde and alliance on one account. Transfering from PvE to PvP server adds "rules". Tranfering from PvP to PvE removes rules.

It would be extra work on blizzards part to try and make sure no one messes up the PvP server "rule" of not having both fractions on one account.

Personaly, I dont really care. But you have to admit that being able to greif with out ever being greifed isnt cool.

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Actually, I think you missed our point. People on PvP servers seem to have this notion that everyone on a PvE server wants nothing more than to get on a PvP server and grief others. There's a lot of us, however, who merely think that you're a bunch of sociopathic idiots who voluntarily chose to subject yourselves to suffering when there was a much better choice freely available. Being able to grief, period, isn't cool.

Oh, and there's no technical problems involved in PvE to PvP transfers. You can already have characters of different factions on different PvP servers, and you can transfer from PvP to PvP, yet you can't transfer cross-faction characters onto a server where you already have characters.

First of, I like your site :D

"You can already have characters of different factions on different PvP servers"

I get an error message when I try and create a horde toon on my PvP server. It says something basicaly along the lines of you cant have a horde toon because I allready have an alliance toon.

I just checked, I still cant create a horde toon on my alliance server. On my PvE server, I can, its easy. :D

Wait, are you saying I can transfer a Horde PvP charater on server X to my server B with alliance?

Thats messed up in my opinion. Theres a very good reason to make it hard to have both horde and alliance characters on the same PvP server. If they do allow this I am disappointed in Blizzard. :D

Also, I like PvP servers because it makes the open world "Warcraft" because theres allways the chance a memeber of the other side could come along. Its frustrating to *me* to not be able to fight the horde whos stealing my mobs. :D The world is a much more "war like" on PvP servers. Just my choice, not for everyone.

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Right, you can't create a character of the other faction once you have a character on a PvP server, but you can still do so on other PvP servers. So, you can have an orc on Warsong, then go make a human on Stormscale. If you also have a troll on Blackrock, you could transfer that troll to Warsong, but not to Stormscale.

And even on a PvP server, you still can't do anything about a member of the same faction that's competing with you for monsters and doesn't want to play nice.

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