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Defying Categorization

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Can someone explain to me what Emo is?

From what I gather, they're like goths without looking cool. Replace the fishnets with gas station attendant shirts or something. I think if you try to draw a diagram, and put goth in the middle, then industrial off to one side and ethereal sort of around the corner, noting that both Sisters of Mercy and The Crüxshadows are considered "goth" despite sounding abso-freaking-lutely nothing like each other, then emo lies in the third direction, and punk may or may not be beyond that, and then you have to figure out where to put the dot for Siouxsie and the Banshees, who were punk, right, but then they were like one of the first goth bands, so are they on top of the emo blob but not part of it, or do you need another dimension to represent this crap? Then you wad up the whole thing, and go to listen to the bands you like without worrying about classification.

I don't really know- I think goths are those whiny kids with hair combed in their faces...?

I love your site!!! I came here from a link on the WoW forums. Very fun.