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The Degree of Offense

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Ganking a chest from someone is just as bad as ninja'ing items off of a corpse. It's rude, wrong and downright nasty of people.

I would argue not. Taking a chest from under someone is theft. Ninjaing items from a boss is betrayal. In one case, you are taking another individual's property they have rightfully acquired through time investment. In the second case, you're breaking a previously agreed-to social contract with individuals whom you have led to believe that you are helping, when in fact you are extracting a substantial time commitment from them for your own personal benefit. Taking five minutes of a random stranger's time is a less serious offense than taking an hour or two of time from people with whom you agreed to work.

I agree with your estimation of the severity. I still won't group with, encourage or stop being mortified by people who steal chests out from under me when I cleared the area. I'm not meaning to suggest that you condone ninja looters or chest thieves by any means though.