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Are Gnomes Atheists?

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Oh, we believe perfectly well in gods and demons and whatnot. To do otherwise would be patently stupid. We just don't think they're anything special deserving of our worship.

However, no mention of organized religon has been mentioned amongst the gnomes. In fact, the Warcraft story does not specifically mention the origin of the gnomes. But they are probably related somehow to the Earthen that created the dwarves.

Well, gnomes make things. All sorts of things. Who else makes things? The Makers. Perhaps we are the descendants of the Titans of old, diminished by time as all great things of the past are. Perhaps we became aware of our own hubris and folly when we saw what the demons we made had wrought, and intentionally gave up our cosmic power to live as mortals. Perhaps we are not mortal, for have you ever seen a young gnome? Perhaps we mistakenly destroyed our capacity for wisdom along with our capacity to create the unwise, and with time we have regained the latter but not the former? Perhaps we worship no gods because deep within we still remember having been them?