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Gnomish Politics

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Like most societies, gnomes have a variety of socio-political belief systems, not all of which get along well with each other. The first of these is the Classical one. None of the Classicists would ever have referred to themselves as such, as they were just everyday people who lived and fought and sung songs and generally did the things people did back in the day without much thought to politics. They got their name in retrospect, after the rise of the Mechanists.

The Mechanists were the faction that dominated gnomish affairs for the past few centuries, espousing a better living through technology. They were generally right, but their near-sighted optimism led directly to an inability to fight the troggs and the eventual Gnomeregan disaster. They also have silly names like "Berry Tinklefizz" and "Cog Screwsprocket".

Following the collapse of our civilization, the Mechanists naturally fell out of favor, with both the Reactionaries (who call themselves the Neo-Classicists in an attempt to make themselves look both modern and hallowed, as opposed to fanatical) and the Synergists vying for attention. Reactionaries are nuts who deem technology to have been at the root of all our problems, and now seek to abandon it in favor of entirely magical approaches. (Even within the reactionaries, there are schisms, for the Arcanists refuse to dabble in Infernal magic, being unwilling to admit to themselves the truth about the magic they do use.)

We Synergists, on the other hand, realize that technology was the not the cause of our problems, but rather its unwise application as well as a failure to have other options open. That's why we favor a measured combination of magical and technological, as well as social and other, approaches to resolving issues. That's why I, in addition to being a master of sorcerous summoning and the conjuring of shadow and flame, am also an accomplished engineer with a small gaggle of automata, sacks crammed full of obscure but potentially handy gadgets, and the ability to blow things sky-high chemically as well as magically. I also cultivate friends and allies and try to marshall my financial resources against future necessity as well.

In addition, Synergists also give their children far more sensible names, with noble, mellifluous arrangements of syllables that can be conveniently abbreviated yet display rich pseudo-symmetric structure, such as Nenicirene, Madianamara, or Shamainalohara. It is a sad thing that my parents did not see fit to grant me such a fine name themselves, and that I had to take corrective measures later in life, once the issue of alienating them was an unfortunately moot point.

Does this mean you once went by something silly like "Tizzy Bunksprocket?"

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Such information has been suppressed for the good of all involved.