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Gnomish Religion, Revisited

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Do gnomes even have a god?

Of course not. If we went around worshipping everything that happened to be bigger than us, we wouldn't have time to breathe, and drawing a line at some point seems so arbitrary. Better not to worship anything and use our time more productively. Just because you have phenomenal cosmic power doesn't mean we should kiss your feet.

We have the High Tinker (kinda like a [normally] routinely elected Pope), who currently sits in his n-teenth year of office in Tinkertown due to the continued "state of emergency" he declared back when the Troggs first invaded, and we have the Grand Tinker.

The High Tinker is a worthless Mechanist still living in delusional exile, claiming some form of authority that is no longer his.

Someone created everything.

Bah. Just because lesser minds cannot comprehend the possibility of infinite time stretching back without end or the concept that order self-organizes itself out of chaos is no reason to conjure up some fairy tale about a mysterious creator.

That's the Grand Tinker. Some of us believe He still meddles with thing while others of us believe He has either left the realm or is just a voyeuristic entity. In either case, we do not believe He is a being to be worshipped, and we're fully aware that our (normally) elected High Tinker is only guessing at what the Grand Tinker has intended for everything. Actually, we're fully aware that the High Tinker usually goes with the Gnomish popular opinion…except in some cases where Mekkatorque would only listen to what Thermaplugg had to say. (A few of us have theories about some "deeper" involvement between those two before Gnomeregan fell, but if there was, they were REALLY careful to hide it.)

What about the Old Gods and the Titans, you ask? Who created them? That's the Grand Tinker. Who created the Grand Tinker? He has always been, but apparently got bored and started…well…tinkering.

This "Grand Tinker" is but another piece of Mechanist tripe. The Titans and the Old Gods are merely the oldest beings that we know of. To speculate about their origins, if they even have any, without any evidence is foolish.

When the Titans left the world, they put the dragons in charge of protecting it, but they foresaw the need to make changes in the future. They knew that, powerful as they were, they were not perfect, and so they put in a correction mechanism for the future, for a static world could not last. We gnomes are the creative spark of the Titans made flesh, a living seed planted to give life to new acts of creation The Gnomeregan disaster was a long-needed signal to jolt us off our butts and smash the Mechanist clap-trap that had dulled the minds of generations. Through suffering, we have been made strong, and rediscovered our heritage of power. Once we fuse our spark to the destructive spark of the goblins, we shall ascend to our duties as gods.