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The Grammar, She is Confusing

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When Rylle brought up the topic of appending an "ess" to races and classes to form the feminine version, my fellow gnomish warlock Shillandy replied:

Umm... Rylle... I know you're a bigot who can't accept anyone elses culture, but in the Matriarchal Gnomish Society, it is the men who are the "esses" and all of the gender references for males are derived from their female counter parts.

example: gnome: woman. magnome: man. And also, the word "gnome" can refer to either a female gnome, or be unspecific, but never a male specifically.

Thanks for reinforcing the stereotypes that have oppresed magnomes for thousands of centuries. Real top notch. No, really, A+. Great. Well freakin' done.