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Waves of Madness

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Argent Dawn has, of late, been plagued with the sudden appearance of massive groups of crazy gnomes, quite distinct from the madness of leprosy. These events generally involve large numbers of young gnomes who tear off their clothes, babble madly, and occasionally speak of Blackrock. Perhaps, rather than coming from Gnomeregan, they are refugees escaped from some insanity-inducing slave pit in Blackrock Mountain, victims of the foul goings-on of the dwarves, orcs, dragons, and elementals that infest that wretched place.

In any case, these invasions have called some to question what has happened to the more rational gnomes they used to know and love. Us elder gnomes are still around. I've just been busy practicing being crotchety. It's hard work being cantankerous and complaining about the madness that infects the periodic waves of young gnomes who were mysteriously hiding in Gnomeregan and only just now escaped. This is clearly part of a great plot to ruin our image as a species. Those aren't real gnomes! As soon as I dissect a few, I'll have proof…

Clearly these gnomes have contracted Mad Gnome disease. They must be put down and not introduced to the food supply.

We must strive to keep this disease from spreading as it could pose a threat more dangerous than even the scourge should it be able to take root.

Hurry up with the autopsy reports! I want to see dissected gnomes. Global Underground News reported that they thought the gnomes were mechanical, and spawned from some forgotten gnome engine or other. What's your take, Neni?

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Unfortunately, they got a bit singed and flattened in the capturing process (darn overeager Infernals). While I can't tell you much, I can confirm that they were biological, not mechanical.