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What We Know

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In past Warcraft games, we gnomes have sort of gotten the short end of the stick background-wise. "Yeah, uh, there's gnomes in the Alliance, and they build stuff." Even now, look at us. We speak gnomish and came from Gnomeregan. Imagine if your capitals were called Dwarftown, Humanville, and Elfland.

So, given that we're provided so little, I feel free to make things up left and right. My character might even believe them!

The way I see it, we gnomes used to be very potent magically in the ancient era, when our warrior-poets and mage-kings slew foul beasts and giants and conquered the harsh land with reason and measured skill. However, quite possibly at the urgings of the Night Elves, as they are wont to encourage such things and our sorcerous might could have allowed us to contact them easily, we were convinced that magic was in fact a dark force capable of corrupting us, and we forsook it for the clean, empirical embrace of the pure technomancer.

All was well for many an age, until the Dark Portal and the wars began, and eventually the Troggs were unleashed on us—ugly, brutish, and by no means short. We fought valiantly, and slew twenty of their number for every defender of ours that laid down his life giving up an inch of ground, but sheer numbers prevailed against us. In desperation and madness, our elders unleashed a doomsday weapon, and even that was not enough to stop the onslaught.

The few of us that survived are the hardiest, most clever, and, frankly, most vicious of our kind. It's clearly the lack of magic dictated by the Mechanist movement that led us to this exiled state, so that's why so many of us have taken up the mantle of arcane and sorcerous power. As our tinkering suggests, we have by no means abandoned technology, merely incorporated it into our ever-growing arsenal of techniques to defend ourselves. We've been hurt bad, and now we're turning into a porcupine. Egomania and an unwillingness to surrender to anything are the order of the day. We will overcome, for we are stronger that whatever may assail us.