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My Guild is Dead, Long Live My Guild!

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I am sad, for today I quit my guild. However, my guild had quit on me first.

Way back when I was a young thing seeking some machine parts on a trogg-infested island, I had met up with some excellent people, and had a great time hanging out with them on many occasions, as we moved from zone to zone and did our first instance together in the Deadmines. Due to varying schedules and such, I gradually began to outlevel them, and while we still talked, we didn't adventure together much.

In the wetlands, while running towards some forgotten objective, I came across four burly guys from a single guild in the process of dying to Balgaras the Foul, whom I needed to kill as well. After they were done returning to life, I asked if they would like some help, and they were most grateful and friendly. The five of us handily dispatched the dark iron sorceror, and ran off to complete another quest we had in the area. While running, they sent me a guild invite out of the blue, and I impulsively accepted. Had they asked me first, I would probably have turned them down.

I'm glad I didn't. Soulforge, as they called themselves, turned out to be a lot of fun. Most of them knew each other in real life, but I managed to fit in and surf on their sea of inside jokes and frequent use of their actual names. We demolished many an instance, they helped me out with lots of warlock quests that did nothing for them, and they became good friends of mine.

Along the way, I began to experiment with other characters, and started leveling up a priest as well. Meanwhile, my old friends from before Soulforge got together and formed themselves a new guild called Chrysalis, and I moved my priest over there to better keep in touch with two groups of friends.

As time went on, the folks from Soulforge were on less and less, especially the ones I considered my close friends. After several weeks of an empty guild chat, I finally took the plunge yesterday and Neni jumped ship to my original friends, who are on a lot more.

It's a bittersweet moment for me. In a way it feels like I'm giving up on some of my friends, even though I can still message them and party with them when they're around. I'm also losing out on the distinct group culture found in Soulforge as opposed to Chrysalis, but I haven't seen that in a long time. There haven't been enough people on to joke and chat and be silly. While being the last survivor of a dying breed is quite appropriate for a hard-bitten gnomish warlock like myself, it's also lonely, and I don't want to be lonely. I'm happy that I'll get to spend more time with my friends who are there, and I'm relieved that I finally stopped wanting to do it but not quite achieving the acceptance that an era is over, but I'm still a little sad.

Maybe I should go look up my other friends that hang out in inns a lot and down a pint or two (which should be enough to put little old me under the table)…

Neni, i love your site.

Neni, Neni you will never guess what I saw. Well thats unimportant, I figured I would message you here(cause Melkiel sent me this link), hows it going, your not dead. anywya thats good to hear, I should play wow again so I can send you dirty fish filled mail but well I havnt got around to it yet, just wait though.

Anyway Balar outy!

My Name Died Long Ago, My Name Shall Live Forever

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My name is plenty original. No other gnome in the history of our people has ever had it before (and I doubt any other race has made use of it either). I came up with it myself, after I lost everything else when Gnomeregan fell. That horrid little Mechanist name my parents had cursed me with was all that remained of my old life, and I tossed it into the raging holocaust that had already consumed the rest of my past. I shall never utter that name again. It is dead, like the people who pronounced it upon me and the naive beliefs that brought it into fashion.

My Specialties

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Talent-wise, I'm 31 Affliction / 17 Destruction / 3 Demonology.

I'm tricked out to be all shadowy and efficient and relentless, with a side specialty in being able to sustain wide-area fiery bombardment even while the enemy retaliates against me. I just could never give up Dark Pact; I'm too addicted to the sweet rush of demon mana.

The demonology is to round out little Juk'los. I've known him longer than anyone, and he's the only one of my demons that deigns to talk to me, even if all he does is gripe. I figure I've trained him up as much as possible over the course of my adventures, and he gets a fair bit of work thrown his way these days.

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Addendum: I have since shifted around a bit, dropping some less-used Destruction talents to buy myself even more health and make my healthstones 20% better, given that I pass out a few dozen of the things each week, so I'm now 31/10/10.

I may be short, but I'm deep!

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If you're not an elf or a're pretty much shafted into one set of rp (being either the stubborn dwarf or the goofy gnome).

Nonsense! Sure, I'm a naturally cheerful and bubbly little thing that likes to joke around. I'm also one of the few survivors of a self-inflicted genocide, so I'm kinda paranoid, bitter, and determined, too. I'm a prolific scholar and egotistical philosopher, so I set all my thoughts down in more permanent form and preserve them on my website.

Warlocks don't wait.

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I am not a patient individual. I don't like standing around waiting for things. I don't like doing things the slow, safe way, either. I feel that I am a competent judge of my abilities, and like to proceed as fast as I can judge myself to handle. (You probably figured that out already, what with the summoning demons and such.) I'll leave the sitting around and recovering to the less daring practitioners of the mystical arts. I take advantage of every resource at my disposal to keep going.

On a related note, I like to always have my resources at my disposal. I've focussed my skills into abilities to consistently improve my performance. I am less concerned with the peak of my power or even my average performance than I am with worst-case scenarios. (As, for a warlock, the worst case is very bad indeed.) I don't want spells that take time to recharge. I don't want single-use powers that can fail when I need them and leave me in deep trouble. I want my skills on call when I need them, every time. I like to be consistent. It's the only way to be dangerous safely.

I simply rock.

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Ashyra said:

I can't really say that any Gnome is cute. But if I had to choose the least repellent, then...


...hmm... well, just through sheer force of personality it would have to go to Nenicerene. She's sexy in spite of her Gnome status.


/me engages in a Gnomish Victory Dance.

I'm not sure... there's something mildly disquieting about knowing the gnome you're checking out is, at that very moment, perhaps plotting the downfall of the world as you know it., not that a night elf would check out a gnome.

I am gnome; hear me squeak!

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I am proud to be a gnome. While intelligence is a stereotype, I have no problem with it, as I am, in fact, a genius. Modesty is for non-warlocks.

I am an engineer, but I am also a sorceress, as well as a charming conversationalist. I don't artificially limit myself.

I do not, in fact, like sweet things. I have a sophisticated palate, and am a master chef unsurpassed in skill. That I personally murder most of the things I cook and eat is a source of pride for me.

I do not like pink. I am cute, but not sickeningly so. Pigtails are stylish, but also practical, as you don't want your hair falling in your face during a fight. My hair is grey because I am privy to secrets that would drive lesser mortals mad with terror at the thought of the things that lurk in the outer dark. I do not deign to dye it, bearing it as a badge of wisdom and a warning to others, both about my own power and the price of getting such power.

I have friends among all the races of the Alliance, but I never forget that I am a gnome. Being amongst the scattered remnants of our people still fills me with a warm comforting feeling. I shall never forget what we have suffered and never stop fighting for our future.

A winner is me!

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So, last night, at the first Battle of the Bards, I presented my contact juggling / head-mounted light show act that I used to do for my friends at the all-night dance parties in the Gnomeregan Launch Room. I won the best Physical Feat / Stunt category! Woo-hoo! Now I need to get ready for the next Battle of the Bards, and I think I even have a partner lined up already…

What I Like

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In an analysis of statistics collected by PlayOn, they said:

players who choose to be warlocks are probably different from players who choose to be priests

I find that sort of comment quite interesting, as my two level 60 characters are a warlock and a priest (with the former being the one I view as my primary character). When selecting a second class to play, I intentionally chose something quite different from my warlock, in order to maximize the novelty in my play experience.

My priest is specifically tuned to be a support mechanism for groups, as opposed to a strong soloer or PvP combatant. Despite this, I find myself playing my warlock exclusively in end-game raids. Part of this is because, while I enjoy playing my priest, a warlock in a raid has a very low-stress job. Success or failure of the group as a whole is not dependent on your split-second reactions, unlike a priest. A contributing factor is the relative class distribution. As uncommon and valuable as priests are, warlocks are even more so, especially in the Alliance. I have been the sole warlock in a 40-person Molten Core raid, which is quite beneficial to me from an item-acquisition perspective, even should my play style preferences not be an issue.

It's true! My first is a priest and my second is a warlock. Although I love my priest, my warlock is my favorite. =D

Neni, I'm with you. Warlocks rule. And mages. Erm, I can't quite decide which is my main and which is my alt. While they're different to play, they have something similar that I prefer against other classes. I've taken a druid and a rogue and a hunter to level 20. The hunter's pretty fun, but a bit, um, mundane. Thought I'd really like the druid, but that hasn't panned out for me. Maybe because it seems to take so long to level. And the rogue just isn't my style. Haven't tried a priest yet...

I quit…sucking demon essence.

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Knew it! Gnomes are cheaters! They use drugs to make them self stronger!

Drugs? No, no, no. I just take the occasional drink of demon essence...every second. But I have to stop. It's too much. I'm an addict. Yesterday, I stripped and spent the night contemplating my demon essence addiction in solitude atop the blasphemous altar in the Tainted Scar. (Okay, so maybe I was handing in part of my Ritual of Doom quest near those nasty, death-inducing Felguard Elites, and my hearthstone was still on cooldown, so I just logged out there.) Today, I shall quit cold turkey. No more will I rely on sweet demon mana to fuel my rampages. Instead, I will reassert my mastery over demons, and kill them to harness their dark powers for my own. (So, yeah, I'm respeccing to Demonology.) A new age of Nenicirene will dawn today! (Until I go "WTF? OOM? What do you mean?" and spec back.)

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WTF? OOM? What do you mean?

*Specs back to Dark Pact*

My Apotheosis is complete!

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At long last, I have amassed all the necessary pieces of demon essence from the guardians of the Molten Core, and metamorphosed into a half-demon. My blood flows to the tune of shadow and my will burns unquenchably. My power is at its peak. I am unstoppable master of magic. Tomorrow, I shall slay a god!

(Yeah, so I got my complete Felheart set. Who would have thought that mere pants would be the key to completing infernal transubstantiation—you'd think it'd be the horns or something like that, but I learned the hard way that assuming demon horns while still wearing sexy underpants does not grant world-shattering power.)

I am become the Nemesis!

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The next waypoint in my Ascension has been reached. I have slain an army of dragons and laid low a god, and become the opposition of all things. The Lord of Blackrock Spire's head is now just a desiccated bauble decorating my warstaff, and his minions so much smoking carnage. I have learned the ways of deceit, and hide my true power, so my foes will turn their backs on me and let me work my nether weavings. With foes such as these lying wasted behind me, it will not be long before a mere Lich-King falls. I will learn of the plague he has unleashed and make it my own, then use it to defeat him. The path before me is clear.

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