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I am gnome; hear me squeak!

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I am proud to be a gnome. While intelligence is a stereotype, I have no problem with it, as I am, in fact, a genius. Modesty is for non-warlocks.

I am an engineer, but I am also a sorceress, as well as a charming conversationalist. I don't artificially limit myself.

I do not, in fact, like sweet things. I have a sophisticated palate, and am a master chef unsurpassed in skill. That I personally murder most of the things I cook and eat is a source of pride for me.

I do not like pink. I am cute, but not sickeningly so. Pigtails are stylish, but also practical, as you don't want your hair falling in your face during a fight. My hair is grey because I am privy to secrets that would drive lesser mortals mad with terror at the thought of the things that lurk in the outer dark. I do not deign to dye it, bearing it as a badge of wisdom and a warning to others, both about my own power and the price of getting such power.

I have friends among all the races of the Alliance, but I never forget that I am a gnome. Being amongst the scattered remnants of our people still fills me with a warm comforting feeling. I shall never forget what we have suffered and never stop fighting for our future.