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I quit…sucking demon essence.

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Knew it! Gnomes are cheaters! They use drugs to make them self stronger!

Drugs? No, no, no. I just take the occasional drink of demon essence...every second. But I have to stop. It's too much. I'm an addict. Yesterday, I stripped and spent the night contemplating my demon essence addiction in solitude atop the blasphemous altar in the Tainted Scar. (Okay, so maybe I was handing in part of my Ritual of Doom quest near those nasty, death-inducing Felguard Elites, and my hearthstone was still on cooldown, so I just logged out there.) Today, I shall quit cold turkey. No more will I rely on sweet demon mana to fuel my rampages. Instead, I will reassert my mastery over demons, and kill them to harness their dark powers for my own. (So, yeah, I'm respeccing to Demonology.) A new age of Nenicirene will dawn today! (Until I go "WTF? OOM? What do you mean?" and spec back.)

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WTF? OOM? What do you mean?

*Specs back to Dark Pact*