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My Specialties

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Talent-wise, I'm 31 Affliction / 17 Destruction / 3 Demonology.

I'm tricked out to be all shadowy and efficient and relentless, with a side specialty in being able to sustain wide-area fiery bombardment even while the enemy retaliates against me. I just could never give up Dark Pact; I'm too addicted to the sweet rush of demon mana.

The demonology is to round out little Juk'los. I've known him longer than anyone, and he's the only one of my demons that deigns to talk to me, even if all he does is gripe. I figure I've trained him up as much as possible over the course of my adventures, and he gets a fair bit of work thrown his way these days.

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Addendum: I have since shifted around a bit, dropping some less-used Destruction talents to buy myself even more health and make my healthstones 20% better, given that I pass out a few dozen of the things each week, so I'm now 31/10/10.