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Warlocks don't wait.

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I am not a patient individual. I don't like standing around waiting for things. I don't like doing things the slow, safe way, either. I feel that I am a competent judge of my abilities, and like to proceed as fast as I can judge myself to handle. (You probably figured that out already, what with the summoning demons and such.) I'll leave the sitting around and recovering to the less daring practitioners of the mystical arts. I take advantage of every resource at my disposal to keep going.

On a related note, I like to always have my resources at my disposal. I've focussed my skills into abilities to consistently improve my performance. I am less concerned with the peak of my power or even my average performance than I am with worst-case scenarios. (As, for a warlock, the worst case is very bad indeed.) I don't want spells that take time to recharge. I don't want single-use powers that can fail when I need them and leave me in deep trouble. I want my skills on call when I need them, every time. I like to be consistent. It's the only way to be dangerous safely.