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In an analysis of statistics collected by PlayOn, they said:

players who choose to be warlocks are probably different from players who choose to be priests

I find that sort of comment quite interesting, as my two level 60 characters are a warlock and a priest (with the former being the one I view as my primary character). When selecting a second class to play, I intentionally chose something quite different from my warlock, in order to maximize the novelty in my play experience.

My priest is specifically tuned to be a support mechanism for groups, as opposed to a strong soloer or PvP combatant. Despite this, I find myself playing my warlock exclusively in end-game raids. Part of this is because, while I enjoy playing my priest, a warlock in a raid has a very low-stress job. Success or failure of the group as a whole is not dependent on your split-second reactions, unlike a priest. A contributing factor is the relative class distribution. As uncommon and valuable as priests are, warlocks are even more so, especially in the Alliance. I have been the sole warlock in a 40-person Molten Core raid, which is quite beneficial to me from an item-acquisition perspective, even should my play style preferences not be an issue.

It's true! My first is a priest and my second is a warlock. Although I love my priest, my warlock is my favorite. =D

Neni, I'm with you. Warlocks rule. And mages. Erm, I can't quite decide which is my main and which is my alt. While they're different to play, they have something similar that I prefer against other classes. I've taken a druid and a rogue and a hunter to level 20. The hunter's pretty fun, but a bit, um, mundane. Thought I'd really like the druid, but that hasn't panned out for me. Maybe because it seems to take so long to level. And the rogue just isn't my style. Haven't tried a priest yet...