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I love being a warlock, but sometimes, the annoying bugs and random changes to spells get to be a bit much:

Blizzard: Don't worry, warlocks… We have lots of lemonade for you if you can be patient!
Warlocks: Uhh…okay…
3 months later
Warlocks: What ever happened to that lemonade we were supposed to get?
Blizzard: It's coming—just be patient!
3 months later
Warlocks: Okay, this is ridiculous. Where the hell is our lemonade?!?
Blizzard: Ohh, yeah…uhhh…here it is!
Warlocks: …This is piss.
Blizzard: No it isn't. It's lemonade.
Warlocks: What the hell are you trying to pull?! Do you even have someone there taste-testing this for us?
Blizzards's Grape Juice Taste-Tester: Don't worry guys. Even though I'm really the grape juice taste-tester, I used to drink lemonade a long time ago. I figure that qualifies me to tell you what is and isn't lemonade.
Warlock: No, you aren't doing anything for us. You're all full of crap.
Taste-tester's friend: Look guys, it's lemonade. It may smell and taste like piss, but it really is lemonade. If you keep attacking us for serving you pi—lemonade, we're going to start taking your cups away.