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Dr. Seuss is rolling in his grave…

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How far from home can a foam gnome roam before the roaming foam gnome gets pwned?

Foam gnomes can't leave home. It's known they can't roam outside of the dome where they were blown. You were probably shown a clone. To clone a gnome, read a tome and take out a loan so you can buy a stone cone. A clone must be grown in cone. Get a bone comb that has one ohm of chrome, put it in the zone of the cone with some loam, and leave it alone. Compose a koan that's the right tone (as shown by the tome), and moan it into the cone. When you get a cyclone in the cone, feed it a scone and put on some cologne, for you have a clone of your own that can play the trombone. If later your clone has flown or is lying prone, someone must have thrown a throne at the clone for reasons unknown, and your skills you must hone.

(If this made you groan, I atone.)

Warlock magic at its foulest.