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Life at the Top

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Much /comfort to the folk that were actually in one of those legendary strat/scholo/brd/brs raids that I hear so much about but never get a chance to go on. /cry

Legendary? They get to be kinda pedestrian after a while, at least the Stratholme ones. Why does everyone want to go to Stratholme? Why are you all seduced by the impossible lure of a bad-ass-looking epic mount for free? Scholomance isn't that bad; I just wish I could steal the cool goth makeup those gnomish necromancer girls have. As to BRS, I guess that qualifies as legendary. The only raid there I've seen forming up was at around 5 AM. Curiosity and greed teamed up to battle common sense and tiredness, but they sadly lost in the end, despite my being asked to come along three times while I sold off the crap from the last raid.