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On Healthstones

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I don't use them because they are evil magic.

Nonsense! Think of them as recycling. We're just taking those souls that would otherwise go to waste and turning them into healthy, nutritious snacks that pick you up when you're down. They're all natural, with no added colors or preservatives (that's why they go bad when you log out).

Recycling SOULS?

Warlocks are more depraved than I realized. Do you realize how this interferes with the natural order of things? You steal souls and refer to them as snacks?


It's not the whole soul anyway, just a little shard. Souls are big and gooey. They pass through your digestive system unharmed, and continue with their eternalness later. We're just extracting a little more utility from them along the way. You'd think a druid of all people would be sympathetic to utilizing as much of a kill as possible instead letting it go bad.