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Out of the silence, one voice carries on.

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Over on the Argent Dawn forum, Crytin said:

Damnit Neni, you need to move that link into your sig. Everytime I click on it, without looking, I expect it to be something pertinent to the topic at hand. And everytime I go there, i'm compelled to read every damn thing you have to say.


I wish I could, but the stupid sig is limited to only 52 characters total. (Despite the fact that the form on which one enters it claims that the limit is 128 characters—liars!) In order to put the URL down there, I'd have to take out the memorial to my fallen people, and that's just unacceptable. Their voices may have been silenced by radioactive fallout, madness-inducing leprosy, and rampaging troggs, but I will not be silenced for your convenience!