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I'm all for cross-faction cooperation. I strive to remain on good terms with opposing faction warlocks, always saluting them out of professional courtesy and occasionally helping them if it's clear what they're up to. I think that building such bridges is essential to maintaining the peace, and goodness knows we don't want to be fighting each other when the forces of ultimate darkness from the outer void come to raze our puny speck of a world and obliterate all life forever.

I'm a gnome lover, WOOT!

My first gnome was a mage,

then a warlock,

then a mage,

then a rogue,

then another warlock,

and then ANOTHER warlock.

I'm all for gnome warlocks.

Besides gnomes, I've only had a couple of other chars.

I gotta go so i'll make this fast:

hopefully later, I'll put up my I Have A Dream speech for cross faction and inter faction relations.

Cya l8r

Turiski Hacksaw the Fourtieth (sp?) :P