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It's called a 'lev•əl.

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Regarding the levels issue, I am reminded of an Abraham Lincoln quote: "Even if you call a tail a leg, a donkey still only has four legs." The point being, saying something is so doesn't make it so. Any noun substituted for the word "level" is a transparent facade, and we all know you're talking about levels, so just call them levels already. If you want to say experienced or young or other such adjectives, go ahead, but crap like 60 seasons just pisses me off, because it is simultaneously declaring the mechanics to be in-character while deciding that you don't like the mechanics and are going to rename them, which if they are in-character, are already conveniently standardized upon.


Indeed. I eat grumblecakes for breakfast every day, and wash them down with bitter black coffee, before I go practice yelling at the kids on my lawn. It takes hard work to be as cantankerous as I am at this early age of mine.