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The Objective View

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The details are ultimately somewhat unclear, given that the majority of our population was killed in mere moments and those of us who fled didn't exactly have time to pick up all the official records.

As best as we can reconstruct, under growing pressure of the Trogg's superior numbers, we began to contemplate the possibility that this war was not winnable through conventional tactics. A faction of the Gnomeregan elders backed a plan to evacuate the city and flood the whole thing with short-burst radiation to exterminate our enemies, allowing us to move back in afterwards. However, this faction was lead by High Mekgineer Thermaplugg, who, in retrospect, was a complete raving lunatic.

Either deliberately, by accident, or through sabotage, the doomsday weapon was fired prematurely and incorrectly, instead flooding much of the city with long-term radioactive particles, making it completely uninhabitable and mutating anyone who tries to stay there more than a few hours.

In addition, many of the victims of the disaster succumbed to a leprous brain fever, possibly related to radiation and possibly contracted from Thermaplugg, who appears to have been the first case of Mad Gnome Disease. This disease leaves the victims addled, hallucinatory, and extremely violent, as well as radiation-resistant. We suspect this disease may have its origins in unauthorized bioweapons and germ-line engineering being conducted by Thermaplugg in secret.

In any case, the end result is that our home is now a gaping maw of death, and our people are scattered across the land and forced to live as refugees. Many of the problems we had could have been solved through the judicious application of magical abilities, and we are taking great steps to rectify our former lack of capability in this area, no matter what the elves may think.