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Telepathy, Resurrection, and Routine

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It occurs to me that this Hearthstone-network nonsense is merely another rationalization by people who fail to accept that we are, in truth, demigods. My inquiries show a very high correlation between being able to shrug off death and being able to communicate telepathically. I theorize that in our reawakening, our souls do not fully re-enter the corporeal realm, and that a part of us remains behind in the spirit world, acting as a sort of antenna that allows us to intermingle our thoughts with those of others.

The question then becomes, if we can transcend death and speak across continents, why are we not the rulers of our world? Why are we a caste of heroes and champions, as opposed to masters of our societies? Why do we still follow orders from those who see fit to do little more than stand around? This only lends further credence to my hypothesis that we are actually trapped in some sort of hell, forced to relive the patterns of our lives without being able to examine them critically.