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Who is this person to you that you would do such things?

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It's very hard to rationalize our relationship to alternate characters. Here is a person whom we have not only never met, but whom it is impossible for us to ever meet, yet we are perfectly willing to share all manner of goods and cash with them with no expectation of compensation at all. There's also the matter that we have shared knowledge and a common set of friends. It could be the case that I use my dark magics to possess other people and ride around in their skin, making me the true character and them just fictions of a fiction.

Alternately, if we want something less "reality"-bending, perhaps they are old college roommates of mine. That would explain why, when I get mail demanding "Ne-ni, I need some mo-ney!", I don't just brush it off and get mad. For some reason, I'm visualizing that last line said with a Puerto Rican accent, which brings to mind a possible sit-com where I live with an immigrant night elf priestess who's always getting annoyed by my madcap bungling, and there's an elderly dwarven couple that lives upstairs and hangs out with us. I think this idea for I love Neni! has real potential.