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Warlocks and Demonic Addiction

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Well, when I first started, it was just the occasional demon here and the minor imp there, but now I'm not sure if I can stop. I just don't feel safe without a demon around; they're like a combat fetish. No demon and the small of my back itches, like a premonition of being stabbed. And I can't have enough demons either. I can already summon three different major demons, and even though I'm only powerful enough to keep one around at a time, I want more. I find myself running myself ragged from one continent to another doing favors for creepy old men just so I can add one more notch to my demon belt. It's really rather sad, but what's even worse is that I don't think I want any help. I actually enjoy being an addict.

Warlocks and Popularity

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What most people don't know is that warlocks also have subtle mind-control powers, which make us seem cool, sexy, and cutting edge, which is why we're more popular than we otherwise would be. For decades, advertising executives have been trying to extract this quality and re-use it.

Warlocks, Demons, and the Light

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Consorting with demons has no legitimate place within The Light. Demons represent all that is evil within Azeroth and it is inherently unethical to conjure demons.

You are truly small-minded if you think that evil is an external force and not something that lurks within the hearts of all men. Demons are not evil. Yes, they tried to conquer our world and kill us all. It was a simple matter of the strong exercising their power over the weak. We cut down forests to build our cities. Do the trees not view us as evil when we slaughter them in droves and mock them by living between their sliced and stacked carcasses? We fought and we won. That is what matters.

The use of demons for our purposes is now our right as conquerors. If the purposes to which they are put are evil, then that evil comes from the warlock guiding the demon, not from the enslaved outlander. A summoned demon is no more evil than a sword. Both can be used to kill quite easily, and have few purposes outside the art of war.

All Warlocks have until the end of the month to ask for penance from a priest of the Brotherhood of Light. Once forgiveness is granted, the former Warlock will again be restored into the Holy Light Communion.

You really do have stones the size of my voidwalker, don't you? Allow us into your communion? We have realized the truth. Your little holy light is but another self-deception, a mechanized aspect of Creation left over from the whims of the Titans and the Demons, who are but one family split over matters of procedure. How would you like it if we were to withhold the benefits of our power from your causes? We won't, for we view the needs of the greater good over petty arguments, but remember that what we provide we can take away.

Is not the magic the mages practice simply a watered down version of the same power? The night elves learned this lesson at great cost to the world. Now it is time for the other races to learn I suppose.

The gnomes learned a different lesson, that forsaking the ways of magical power over alleged ethical concerns left us weak and vulnerable, and this is why we are decimated and scattered across the land. We are fervently correcting that mistake this time around.

Warlocks, Evil, and Zealots

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Would it make you feel any better if I told you I was burning a gnome warlock?

No, no it would not, you ignorant fanatic.

You presume to judge others based on your short-sighted principles. Need I remind you of the last group to embark upon a crusade to purify the land of what they see as evil? Hint: They live in a Scarlet Monastery to the north.

Warlocks do not deal in evil. We deal in demons. Demons are not inherently evil. They are outsiders to our world, and seek to conquer it. We have fought them off, and now use them as slaves, much as the orcs were enslaved after the war. In our hands, they are neither good nor evil but mere tools. It is our will that guides them and directs them at our goals, not theirs.

And no, we will not give up this power. It is an avenue to strength and a means to protect that which we value. If we have to risk ourselves battling demons to bind them to our will in order to have the means to protect that which we value above ourselves, then we will. My people used to forsake such tools, and it brought us defeat at the hands of the troggs followed by death and exile at the hands of those that thought they could solve the problem by turning our weapons against ourselves, much as you seek to. We will not go back, we will not hide, and we will not be defeated.

Warlocks and Motivations

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Warlocks often sound as if they have the best of intentions—"Oh, my family was town was destroyed...I needed the strength to avenge them," but it is no noble thing to seek vengeance. The reason such stories are so common among them is that every warlock's heart must be open to evil for them to learn the art. Thirst for vengeance is the quickest way for the dark ones to begin corrupting their hearts. They think they're masters of their art, but it in fact masters them. No one rules the dark ones unless they allow them too.

Vengeance is hollow. It is a flame that consumes you and leaves an empty shell. There is enough of hell in our world without inviting it into your own soul.

Security, on the other hand, is a true motive. To kill someone for what they did in the past is meaningless. To not kill someone because they intend to do it again is foolish.

They key to the path of power is the realization not that the ends justify the means, which they do not, but that some ends are more important than others, and that you cannot do all things for all people. We prioritize. If the freedom of a demon is less valuable than the work to which you could put it, you enslave the thing. If all who stand by your side will die if you do nothing unobjectionable, then you kill one to fuel to the magics that can save the others. If the survival of your people depends on placing your immortal soul in eternal peril through dark dealings, then you do it, as I have. These things are done not with joy, but out of necessity.

Warlocks and Morality

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Warlocks are not necessarily evil. We are pragmatic. We try to view things objectively and make tradeoffs. We are willing to sacrifice smaller things for the big picture. Some of us are greedy and selfish. They are the ones who come off as evil. Some of us work for the greater good and view lesser evil as a price that must be paid sometimes. We are the ones who are terrifying.

This is a quote from a passage that I found:



But this dream is not limited to racial segregation. No, no, no: for there are hidden heroes inside even the races with “perfect” unity. They are the unsung legends of Azeroth who is not the wise mage, who is not the enigmatic paladin, who is not the naturistic druid or the noble shaman! Yet even so, their deeds for the betterment of Azeroth rival those even of those such as Uther and Thrall. So I call out to the unified nation: I have a dream. A dream, too, for the druids, for the hunters, for the priests and warriors, but above all I have a dream is for the warlocks and the rogues—that they shall be released from their bond-age! For it is they who have suffered in silence by the ‘all-seeing eye’ of your unjust governments.



Good, yes?

Warlocks and Themselves

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We have it better then Warlocks at least. As a mage I despise Warlocks. If I had the chance I would turn them to ash at the drop of a hat. They are what I am but in the worst possible form. Night Elves hate them as well. Hell, if you read the brief Alliance description during char creation the whole Alliance would hate them. So, in light of that, being hated by just a single race is no real thing.

The more I think about it, the more I think the Night Elves are afraid. Afraid to fall. Afraid to take the risk. Well we are gonna keep taking that risk, cause some of us think its worth it. I just hope that all you Night Elves don't turn your backs on us Arcane users when we need you. When we are about to fall or make a horrible mistake again. Elune knows we have needed help before, and will need it again.

-Eloi, Adept Mage

And thus you should realize that those of us taking the greatest risks may be doing so for the noblest of reasons. My people, once, we relied on flesh, but flesh was weak, so we made steel, and it was strong. We relied on steel, and steel failed us when the troggs came and the fruit of all our ingenuity was so much trash. So now we have mages, and they rely upon their art, but art shall fail us when death and pain and horror come bursting into our world again. So I wield death and pain and horror, for it is built upon my will and my cunning, and I know that when the time comes, I shall not fail. There is nothing else left to depend on but the self. All else will fail.

Warlocks and Mages

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Our training teaches us warlocks the only real truth. The group or being with the stonger will wins. Foolish warlocks who do not know thier own limits often fall succumb to the legion, but that does not mean that all warlocks will succumb or will be corrupted. As long as you know and control your own will you have nothing to fear from our arts.

Precisely. Warlocks know how to assess the dangers of situations and choose between alternatives to minimize risk. we take on one risk to mitigate another, and only our wit lets us choose wisely. The stupid and the reckless do not last long. We are not power-hungry, for we know that power does not come without consequences. Rather, we seek to maximize our power for a given level of risk.

It could just as easily be argued that warlocks are more easily corrupted because they seek power so much more desperately than the mages, without restricting themselves to the proper restraints.

The path of the warlock is the realization that restraint is a convenient fiction. There are only things to be gained and prices to be paid. You weigh the two, and decide if you wish to pay. It is why when you mages deplete your mystical energies and fall to your foes, we instead rip out our own life force and use it to kill our foes, emerging victorious. We are willing to pay costs you are not.

As for the skittering little anklebiters, they claim to be warlocks somehow, but I cannot believe they possess the will to truly master the Fel. If their wills were honed by centuries of slavery to that which they most hate, perhaps they would be strong enough. Perhaps.

You forget something, undying one: There are no weak gnomes. There are only the strong and the dead, and the latter outnumber the former by a great deal.

Warlocks and Politics

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You are looking at one of the nicest most cheerful warlocks ever to be found. :) I'm not a warlock becuase I am mean and hateful, but because I see this as maybe the only way to save Gnomeregan. Maybe though with my sunny outlook I will change the way the world looks at warlocks, and we won't be so despised by the followers of all that is good and light.

Precisely! Demonology is the only way to achieve the safety and security of our now-scattered nation. By means of inner discipline and infernal weapons of mass destruction, we shall achieve peace through superior firepower.

Isn't peace through war an oxymoron? And superior firepower bringing peace? Isn't that like Better Bomb?

Peace is achieved not through war but through the capacity to wage war. If we cannot fight, we will have to fight. If we can fight, we will not have to fight. The weak are invaded before the strong.

It's like Power. Power is not doing things. Power is the ability to do things. Every time you exercise your Power, you have less of it. It must be saved for when it is needed.

Warlocks and Warriors

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If yer lookin for a group of rowdy, strong, roughnecks, then the Gnomeregan Mercenaries wants you! It's time to break the blasted stereotype of how we "short people" are so cute and cuddily! If you got spunk, then you better get yer little gnomish behind in here! Only the strong are allowed to enlist in this army! We don't want no blazin spell-casters either! (( Rogues and Warrior only)) We believe that the true soldier fights with his own abilities! Not some fairytaled religion or belief!

Well phphtttt! I didn't want to join your stinky old guild anyway.

On a more serious note, you are sadly mistaken if you think physical strength is the only source of strength. Strength of will is the only true strength. Without the will to see things through to their end, all else is meaningless. Battles are only resolved by strength when both parties are willing to go all the way. How much did your precious little swords and guns do for us when the troggs came bursting into our home?

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