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Advice for Young Warlocks

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Warlocks are awesome. We're complicated and have a bazillion highly situational abilities, and you have to know when to use each one. We're also rare, and thoroughly cool.

In terms of leveling, Affliction all the way to Dark Pact followed by Destruction down to Intensity is my preference, and most everyone will agree about the Dark Pact part. The concept of downtime was almost non-existent for me until I started playing a priest. (My saying is that mages and priests die because they're out of mana, while warlocks run out of mana because they died.) I still have that spec (with the last points going into Improved Imp), as I feel it's the optimal combination of solo efficiency, long-haul staying power, and group utility. Maybe not so hot for PvP, but that's not really my concern.

In terms of late-game desirability, yes, everyone wants a warlock along on their raids, because we are wipe protection and a taxi service. The fact that we can blow things up okay, blow up lots of things at once pretty damn well, pass out free health potions on a separate timer, and provide solid crowd control in many late-game instances round us out quite nicely.

In 40-person raids, you'll spam Shadow Bolt and like it. Then again, most other classes are only mashing one button themselves. You'll bitch and moan about the stupid, stupid 8-debuff limit that wrecks your class, and content yourself with the knowledge that it's being "looked at".

Better than being a hunter. Cause you know us, we just shoot stuff dead. Unless you are the Puller. Now that's some fun stuff. The raid is in your hands at that moment cause one bad pull can and will kill the raid.

The only warlock I played got to lv 16 but decided to go orc since I like being the odd ball. I still love the fact that you can curse, immolate and corrupt to death quite a few people. Much like a commercial, “set it and forget it”.

I have to disagree in the talent spec. Demonology, babes. Live longer, Resist Ragnaros. It's not a spec, it's a way of life.