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Are warlocks evil?

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Good and Evil is a distinction that a real warlock wouldn't bother with. We are beyond good and evil.

There is only strong and weak. And we don't want to be weak.

Precisely. Evil is a mirage. Only the most depraved individual claims to be evil. There are those who steal from those who need what is taken, kill without reason, and derive glee from the suffering of others. Such people are evil, but they are also stupid. Such evil is easy to find and to burn out, because it does not conceal itself.

I call upon magic from the twisting nether. Does this make me evil? No, it is merely a tool, lacking in intent. Even the actions that I take with it are devoid of morality. It is only the context in which they are taken that can define if they are good or evil. What matters is not what I do, but why I do it.

I enslave demons to do my will. Is this evil? No, it is merely the golden rule. They would do the same to us if they could, but we won the war. If I could not bind them to make them harmless, I would have to kill them. Which is worse?

I kill those who would harm me, my friends, and my people. Is that evil? No, for they are trying to do evil first. I act only in self-defense.

Am I evil? No. I simply am. If you try to harm me or mine, I will do my best to kill you.