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On Trust and Compassion

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The Alliance and Horde Warlocks aren't all really evil, they are just realists. Things break, and people die... You may as well use those natrual processes to fit your own goals. Really, how is it any less gruesome for a Warrior to chop someone to bloody shreads first hand than for a Warlock to summon something to do it for them? Not to say you should unconditionally trust us, as we will be more than happy to take advantage of any open opportunity to get ahead... But its not like we're really going to burn down Orgrimmar or send Infernals marching through Ironforge.

Exactly. I am a pragmatist. If anything, I am one of the most trustworthy individuals around, in that if I do not have a reason to betray you, I won't. If there is good reason to, then I will. So long as you do not cross me and so long as sacrificing you upon the altar of the common good would achieve no long-term benefit, you have nothing to fear from me save the chance of my making a mistake.

And those who say that there is no good or evil... That is exactly how evil thinks. An evil being views himself as being above "petty" restrictions of morality, kinda like a serial killer or sociopath.

It is not that there is neither good nor evil, and it is not that I am beyond moral restrictions. It is merely that I am free from the constraint of never doing evil. If great good can be achieved by doing small evil, I am willing to take that step, whereas most others value their conscience too highly. Being a sociopath does not make me evil, it simply frees me from the chains of compassion that constrain others from acting in ways that are expedient and necessary. These are dark times, and I am willing to become the darkness to defeat it. I am, in truth, quite selfless, as I accept damnation as the price of security for my people, though I don't like to belabor the point, since no one likes a self-proclaimed martyr.