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Warlocks and Elves

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Could you please explain how an RP guild can contain both Night Elves—especially Druids—and Warlocks?

Druids, I don't know, as they can be a bit uptight, but enlightened elven priests should get along just fine with warlocks. Just as Elune cycles through Light and Shadow, so must one walk the path of balance between extremes, and being a warlock is ultimately about finding the balance between obtaining power and being destroyed by that power.

"Enlightened" Elven priests should not get along with Warlocks. It has nothing to do with "shadow"; it has to do with demonology and bringing the Burning Legion back to Kalimdor.

No, no, no. Warlockry isn't about bringing back the Burning Legion. It's about bringing back the Burning Legion under our control. Very important difference!

And then there's the fact of an actual, phsyical, racial addiction to magic. According to lore, a Kaldorei who starts to use arcane magic becomes a blood elf in a matter of time. Their actual coloration changes, etc. This is a very serious matter according to lore.

All the more reason to bring in other races that can handle it! You elves are like ex-alcoholics when it comes to magic, so it's wise to let us gnomes do the drinking for you.

*chuckles* this is the first time I have come across a site like this. Goodwork! Very enjoyable writing....*grins* you made me smile ttoday.