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Warlocks and Faith

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I don't believe in any gods or goddesses or this light at all. You can keep your prayers and faith, I'll stick to steel and wits.

Steel, too, will fail you. This is the folly of the Smith.

When steel breaks, only flesh remains, and wits cannot guide flesh to victory against steel. This is the folly of the Warrior.

There is only will. By determination alone do we shape ourselves, and in so doing shape our world. All things are possible if you want them strongly enough. The question is what price are you willing to pay to achieve your goals? If you do not want to pay the price, then you did not truly want your goals. This is the folly of the Academic.

One must be careful, though, for the price of far too many things is the ability to enjoy them. This is the folly of the Glutton.

Trading your ability to dream for your dreams will leave you a broken, hollow shell, devoid of the will carry on. This is the folly of the Ascetic.

It is not the act of having, but rather the act of wanting that makes us alive. Life is a journey that is a paradox. You must travel along it to enjoy it, but no one wants to reach the end. You can take actions to extend that road, but, eventually, the only thing you will be doing is laying down bricks ahead of you to have a place to step. This is the folly of the Necromancer.

Thus all things are wanted and all things can fail, and thus do we trade that which will fail for that which we want. We craft our will and walk between the paths of folly and think ourselves wise. This is the folly of the Sorceror, and it is the worst of all.