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Warlocks and Mages

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Our training teaches us warlocks the only real truth. The group or being with the stonger will wins. Foolish warlocks who do not know thier own limits often fall succumb to the legion, but that does not mean that all warlocks will succumb or will be corrupted. As long as you know and control your own will you have nothing to fear from our arts.

Precisely. Warlocks know how to assess the dangers of situations and choose between alternatives to minimize risk. we take on one risk to mitigate another, and only our wit lets us choose wisely. The stupid and the reckless do not last long. We are not power-hungry, for we know that power does not come without consequences. Rather, we seek to maximize our power for a given level of risk.

It could just as easily be argued that warlocks are more easily corrupted because they seek power so much more desperately than the mages, without restricting themselves to the proper restraints.

The path of the warlock is the realization that restraint is a convenient fiction. There are only things to be gained and prices to be paid. You weigh the two, and decide if you wish to pay. It is why when you mages deplete your mystical energies and fall to your foes, we instead rip out our own life force and use it to kill our foes, emerging victorious. We are willing to pay costs you are not.

As for the skittering little anklebiters, they claim to be warlocks somehow, but I cannot believe they possess the will to truly master the Fel. If their wills were honed by centuries of slavery to that which they most hate, perhaps they would be strong enough. Perhaps.

You forget something, undying one: There are no weak gnomes. There are only the strong and the dead, and the latter outnumber the former by a great deal.