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Warlocks and Morality

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Warlocks are not necessarily evil. We are pragmatic. We try to view things objectively and make tradeoffs. We are willing to sacrifice smaller things for the big picture. Some of us are greedy and selfish. They are the ones who come off as evil. Some of us work for the greater good and view lesser evil as a price that must be paid sometimes. We are the ones who are terrifying.

This is a quote from a passage that I found:



But this dream is not limited to racial segregation. No, no, no: for there are hidden heroes inside even the races with “perfect” unity. They are the unsung legends of Azeroth who is not the wise mage, who is not the enigmatic paladin, who is not the naturistic druid or the noble shaman! Yet even so, their deeds for the betterment of Azeroth rival those even of those such as Uther and Thrall. So I call out to the unified nation: I have a dream. A dream, too, for the druids, for the hunters, for the priests and warriors, but above all I have a dream is for the warlocks and the rogues—that they shall be released from their bond-age! For it is they who have suffered in silence by the ‘all-seeing eye’ of your unjust governments.



Good, yes?