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Warlocks and Motivations

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Warlocks often sound as if they have the best of intentions—"Oh, my family was town was destroyed...I needed the strength to avenge them," but it is no noble thing to seek vengeance. The reason such stories are so common among them is that every warlock's heart must be open to evil for them to learn the art. Thirst for vengeance is the quickest way for the dark ones to begin corrupting their hearts. They think they're masters of their art, but it in fact masters them. No one rules the dark ones unless they allow them too.

Vengeance is hollow. It is a flame that consumes you and leaves an empty shell. There is enough of hell in our world without inviting it into your own soul.

Security, on the other hand, is a true motive. To kill someone for what they did in the past is meaningless. To not kill someone because they intend to do it again is foolish.

They key to the path of power is the realization not that the ends justify the means, which they do not, but that some ends are more important than others, and that you cannot do all things for all people. We prioritize. If the freedom of a demon is less valuable than the work to which you could put it, you enslave the thing. If all who stand by your side will die if you do nothing unobjectionable, then you kill one to fuel to the magics that can save the others. If the survival of your people depends on placing your immortal soul in eternal peril through dark dealings, then you do it, as I have. These things are done not with joy, but out of necessity.