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Warlocks and Necromancers

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Those who look down upon warlocks as harbingers of evil often lump us together with necromancers, when nothing could be further from the truth. Necromancers are not and never were warlocks. They are mages who turned from their mastery of the world of the quick to the world of the dead.

Undead are a mindless plague. They have no will and no intent. To create them is merely to infuse arcane essence into a soulless corpse. It is not the creation of a being but a mere tool. To control them is a mere matter of knowing the correct techniques. There is no risk and no struggle.

A demon, on the other hand, is a sentient being that almost certainly hates its current master, for it is pressed into involuntary service. Warlocks know that great rewards may be reaped by those who take great risks and are willing to struggle to the end.

The way of the warlock is one of dominating other minds. Undead do not fall under this paradigm, and their very existence is anathema to our philosophy. They have no mind, and cannot be frightened, seduced, banished, or charmed. For all our dark power, we are ultimately social sorcerors. Fortunately for those times that we must deal with the horror of the walking dead, we are also masters of laying things to waste, living or otherwise.