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Warlocks and Our Relationship to Demons

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Achalon said:

Warlocks have the blood of demons flowing through their veins... [Opening the Dark Portal] is more like opening the door to let a distant cousin come in and visit than letting in the bringer of doom, for us, at least.

Ugh, no. My blood is pure gnome, thank you very much. There's only one way to get demon blood in the family, and no way I'd do that. Demons are tools. It'd be like having sex with a hammer, or maybe a trained dog. Ick!

In any case, I'm not friends with demons—I am their master! They bow before my cosmic might. The only demons I'm letting into this world are my personal slaves. It's nuts like you that give masters of the black arts a bad name.

To which he followed up:

Um, read the warlock description? If you are a Warlock, you DO have the blood of demons within you.

Nope, not a mention of blood on either the main class page or the warlock-specific one. I think you've been smoking too much brimstone. Either that, or perhaps you've been sharing needles with your succubus. I guess that's another way to get demonic blood in your veins, if your ancestors never deemed to do profane acts of obscene blasphemy in the bedroom.

And Freyyr added:

Like, say... having relations with hammers?

*grins impishly*


Let me just put it this way: Engineer magazine didn't have two-page photo spreads on the intended uses of tools. Thankfully, all copies of that filth went up in smoke along with my city. (Hmm, given that they did get destroyed, maybe I should have accepted their offer to pose…I'd be richer, and there'd be no evidence…)

Which led Teehee to conclude:

And this is why Gnomish Enginnering was always more popular then Goblin Enginnering.

It's posts like these that make you THE greatest gnome ever. I will never ever punt you through the up-rights.. never!