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Warlocks and Politics

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You are looking at one of the nicest most cheerful warlocks ever to be found. :) I'm not a warlock becuase I am mean and hateful, but because I see this as maybe the only way to save Gnomeregan. Maybe though with my sunny outlook I will change the way the world looks at warlocks, and we won't be so despised by the followers of all that is good and light.

Precisely! Demonology is the only way to achieve the safety and security of our now-scattered nation. By means of inner discipline and infernal weapons of mass destruction, we shall achieve peace through superior firepower.

Isn't peace through war an oxymoron? And superior firepower bringing peace? Isn't that like Better Bomb?

Peace is achieved not through war but through the capacity to wage war. If we cannot fight, we will have to fight. If we can fight, we will not have to fight. The weak are invaded before the strong.

It's like Power. Power is not doing things. Power is the ability to do things. Every time you exercise your Power, you have less of it. It must be saved for when it is needed.