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Warlocks and Themselves

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We have it better then Warlocks at least. As a mage I despise Warlocks. If I had the chance I would turn them to ash at the drop of a hat. They are what I am but in the worst possible form. Night Elves hate them as well. Hell, if you read the brief Alliance description during char creation the whole Alliance would hate them. So, in light of that, being hated by just a single race is no real thing.


The more I think about it, the more I think the Night Elves are afraid. Afraid to fall. Afraid to take the risk. Well we are gonna keep taking that risk, cause some of us think its worth it. I just hope that all you Night Elves don't turn your backs on us Arcane users when we need you. When we are about to fall or make a horrible mistake again. Elune knows we have needed help before, and will need it again.

-Eloi, Adept Mage

And thus you should realize that those of us taking the greatest risks may be doing so for the noblest of reasons. My people, once, we relied on flesh, but flesh was weak, so we made steel, and it was strong. We relied on steel, and steel failed us when the troggs came and the fruit of all our ingenuity was so much trash. So now we have mages, and they rely upon their art, but art shall fail us when death and pain and horror come bursting into our world again. So I wield death and pain and horror, for it is built upon my will and my cunning, and I know that when the time comes, I shall not fail. There is nothing else left to depend on but the self. All else will fail.