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Warlocks and Warriors

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If yer lookin for a group of rowdy, strong, roughnecks, then the Gnomeregan Mercenaries wants you! It's time to break the blasted stereotype of how we "short people" are so cute and cuddily! If you got spunk, then you better get yer little gnomish behind in here! Only the strong are allowed to enlist in this army! We don't want no blazin spell-casters either! (( Rogues and Warrior only)) We believe that the true soldier fights with his own abilities! Not some fairytaled religion or belief!

Well phphtttt! I didn't want to join your stinky old guild anyway.

On a more serious note, you are sadly mistaken if you think physical strength is the only source of strength. Strength of will is the only true strength. Without the will to see things through to their end, all else is meaningless. Battles are only resolved by strength when both parties are willing to go all the way. How much did your precious little swords and guns do for us when the troggs came bursting into our home?