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Warlocks, Demons, and the Light

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Consorting with demons has no legitimate place within The Light. Demons represent all that is evil within Azeroth and it is inherently unethical to conjure demons.

You are truly small-minded if you think that evil is an external force and not something that lurks within the hearts of all men. Demons are not evil. Yes, they tried to conquer our world and kill us all. It was a simple matter of the strong exercising their power over the weak. We cut down forests to build our cities. Do the trees not view us as evil when we slaughter them in droves and mock them by living between their sliced and stacked carcasses? We fought and we won. That is what matters.

The use of demons for our purposes is now our right as conquerors. If the purposes to which they are put are evil, then that evil comes from the warlock guiding the demon, not from the enslaved outlander. A summoned demon is no more evil than a sword. Both can be used to kill quite easily, and have few purposes outside the art of war.

All Warlocks have until the end of the month to ask for penance from a priest of the Brotherhood of Light. Once forgiveness is granted, the former Warlock will again be restored into the Holy Light Communion.

You really do have stones the size of my voidwalker, don't you? Allow us into your communion? We have realized the truth. Your little holy light is but another self-deception, a mechanized aspect of Creation left over from the whims of the Titans and the Demons, who are but one family split over matters of procedure. How would you like it if we were to withhold the benefits of our power from your causes? We won't, for we view the needs of the greater good over petty arguments, but remember that what we provide we can take away.

Is not the magic the mages practice simply a watered down version of the same power? The night elves learned this lesson at great cost to the world. Now it is time for the other races to learn I suppose.

The gnomes learned a different lesson, that forsaking the ways of magical power over alleged ethical concerns left us weak and vulnerable, and this is why we are decimated and scattered across the land. We are fervently correcting that mistake this time around.