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Warlocks, Evil, and Zealots

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Would it make you feel any better if I told you I was burning a gnome warlock?

No, no it would not, you ignorant fanatic.

You presume to judge others based on your short-sighted principles. Need I remind you of the last group to embark upon a crusade to purify the land of what they see as evil? Hint: They live in a Scarlet Monastery to the north.

Warlocks do not deal in evil. We deal in demons. Demons are not inherently evil. They are outsiders to our world, and seek to conquer it. We have fought them off, and now use them as slaves, much as the orcs were enslaved after the war. In our hands, they are neither good nor evil but mere tools. It is our will that guides them and directs them at our goals, not theirs.

And no, we will not give up this power. It is an avenue to strength and a means to protect that which we value. If we have to risk ourselves battling demons to bind them to our will in order to have the means to protect that which we value above ourselves, then we will. My people used to forsake such tools, and it brought us defeat at the hands of the troggs followed by death and exile at the hands of those that thought they could solve the problem by turning our weapons against ourselves, much as you seek to. We will not go back, we will not hide, and we will not be defeated.