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Warlocks, Nutty Gnomes, and the Holy Light

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Good day and welcome,

I beg that you hear my words and take them to Heart!

For to long our race has turned it back on the light! Our presuits of Science and the Arcane are now our Doom! The ranks of our once fine and up-standing race are flooded with demon tainted warlocks. So many look towards the Technology that ruined our home to save it.

This is madness! only the power of the Holy Light can clean our city. Only through the goodly Preists and Paladins of the Alliance can the sickness that has taken hold of our livelyhood be rooted out!

Please Join me on the Crusade to bring the light in to Gnomeregan! to wipe out the taint of darkness that has fallen over our home.

First Gnome Paladin

I see that apathy has become our worst enemy!

Do none of you wish to save our race, is no one willing to take up the fight? I am Handing our people there salvation and they make no effort to take it!

I see that those infernal tainted Warlocks have gotten to you all. Your obsesion with the mechaical that has lead to our fall is still all you care about. I think that for the first time I might very well be ashamed of my noble race. And none of you have anything to say for yourselfs do you.

May the light keep my heart strong in these darkest of times.

Gnome Paladin

The Warlocks that populate our numbers are bringing the dark powers of the shadow in to the very heart of our once great Society. How often do you look around and see a Gnome in the company of one of the very Demons that nearly destroied our very world!

The light is a source of life. It is a healing power, what could be better for cleansing the sickness brought by our terrible weapons. When you develope a cancer, you don't turn to the cancer to cure it.

The light purdges, and thats just what Gnomeregan needs!

Gnome Paladin

Great. Not only do I have to put up with the magic-hating Mechanists that managed to commit auto-genocide and deluded demon-shunning Arcanists, now we're got Holy Light zealots in our ranks.

Look, buddy, demons didn't wreck Gnomeregan. We did, because we were too stupid to use the tools at our disposal properly. I employ technology, magic, demons, and anything else I can get my hands on to get the job done.

Summoned demons are no more dangerous than swords, dynamite, and fireballs. They're just another tool to do things with, albeit one that requires rigorous training and discipline to employ safely.

The Light is some vague, nebulous ideal the less intellectually-gifted humans babble about (along with a dwarf or two they've brainwashed). The fact that you're spouting their drivel is a likely sign of radiation sickness. Get yourself checked out by a doctor soon. So maybe there's a force for good in the universe or not. I intend to be one myself, and to be a force, you need to be forceful. Anyway, given the behavior of so many priests and paladins, there sure doesn't seem to be any power monitoring them and judging their behavior. It's just another form of magic with a strange cult surrounding it. Heck, the Holy Light is probably just a really shiny demon.