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We will bury you.

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The /who command leads to an accurate count of active characters in a specific area. If you want to tally your point by /whoing every area, doing it daily for a month, counting it up and finding a mathematical ratio, fine; otherwise, don't give me that junk about accuracy, because even then it can't be truly accurate.

That's exactly the sort of data available at

So tell me then, how does the census program know if the character it just counted is your main or your 8th alt? How does it know whether or not the character it just counted was an alt you made on a different server just to play once a month?

It doesn't.

Until it does, it can not give an accurate count.

The data on includes activity-over-time graphs displaying the average number of characters seen at different points in time during the day (which is more relevant than the total number of existing characters). These figures still bear out a ratio of between 2 and 3 active Alliance characters for every active Horde character on PvE and RP Realms, and between 1 and 1.5 active Alliance characters for every active Horde character on PvP realms.

If you want to look at numbers of characters and ignore alts, then consider looking at just level 60 characters, where the figures still hold up. For every level 60 Horde character, there are 2.8 level 60 Alliance on RP servers, 2.2 on PvE servers, and 1.1 on PvP servers.

Try to conceive that for EVERY Horde there are 2 Alliance…DOUBLE. Truly put that idea into your mind; if that were true, no horde raid would ever win, the Undercity would be constantly sieged, and Ironforge would be so flooded you couldn't see.

You have just described a typical day on Argent Dawn.