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Who to Soulstone?

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In groups of 5 to 15, paladins are preferable, as they are much less likely to die outside of a wipe, which would waste the Soulstone. In the Molten Core, priests, as they are much less likely to die in a bad spot.

Soulstones are wipe protection, and druids can't recover from a wipe due to the timer on their rez. (It's stupid to soulstone the druid just so he can burn his cooldown on rezzing another rezzer first.) If you have multiple warlocks or druid combat rezzes available, then you can consider using them in combat as a means to get vital party members back in after they die, but this is a rare scenario.

I completely agree with SSing the Pallies and then Priests. Are you ready to hear something crazy? When we do Onyxia, and if we have more than 4 Warlocks, we usually toss a spare SS on the main tank, a Warrior! I've seen it work before, when he died he lost aggro so everyone Ceased Fire. He popped the stone, got healed/buffed up while he moved back in to regain aggro. It was sweet. Again...only use if you have a plethora of Locks.