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Will the 1.10 changes make +healing gear better or worse for priests?

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The casting time of a spell only affects how much of a bonus the spell gets from +healing (or +damage). The bonus you get is constant, as long as you're casting anything.

Due to the scaling by the casting time of the spell, +healing gear effectively adds constant healing per second (and similarly for +damage). That is, +X healing is normally +X/3.5 healing per second regardless of what spell you're casting. (We'll ignore Heal Over Time spells here.) When Greater Heal was 4 seconds, it wasn't actually performing at that rate. Also, spells whose casting time has been reduced by a talent receive bonuses from +healing gear at their original casting time, not their new, shorter casting time. This means that for a constant reduction in casting time, you get more effect the shorter the original cast time.

Looking at the actual numbers, if you have +100 healing you get:

Old Untalented GHeal: +100/4 HPS = 25 HPS
Old Talented GHeal: +100/3.5 HPS = 29 HPS
New Untalented GHeal: +100*(3/3.5)/3 HPS = 29 HPS
New Talented GHeal: +100*(3/3.5)/2.5 HPS = 34 HPS