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Introducing Zulneni

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Nenicirene's picture

Any form of internet communication that allows the viewer to edit the content, such as leaving comments, invariably attracts trolls. It has come to my attention that my site is lacking trolls so far, so I have hired an in-house one. Here's her resumé:

Name: Zulneni
Species: Darkspear Troll
Occupation: Shaman

Zulneni's Head


  • Have bonked many things on da head.
  • Have zapped almost as many things.
  • Can summon da spirits of nature in convenient glowing-stick form.
  • Good at not dying, and makin' you not die either.
  • Able to make my own clothes outta durable animal leather.
  • Can type 50 words per minute.


  • Learned to commune with da spirits of nature and safely take hallucinogens from Witch Doctor Zamboni, Ph.D.
  • Certified Masta o' Head Conkin', Shadow Hunter Zin'jool's Academy o' Slayin'.

I look forward to having her on board and providing my audience with a unique persective.