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Mojo, Juju, & Other Importan' Tings

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Myrdoch be sayin':

That's right! It's all about the ears. Big ole hunks of meat are just hatin' on the fact that the womens love the ears.

Where do you think all that mojo comes from?

Da ears? And here I thought da tusks were da source o' mojo. It be why trolls be sexy and elves be impotent. I mean, really—thousands o' years wi'out any juju? No wonder dey be all cranky…

Is gotta be da ears...ole Myrdoch got some tiny lil' tusks, but more Mojo den most ya can handle. Maybe da ears be for mojo and da tusks have da long as more mojo be makin' up fer less juju, den is all good.

You men! Always obsessin' over da size o' da tusks. Dere be so much more! Is dey shapely? Nicely colored? Smooth o' rough? At the right angle? Is you gonna be pokin' ma eyes out wi' em? Do you know how to use ya tusks right? No tusks means no mojo, but big tusks don' always mean big mojo.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm odd, because every time a troll 'mojo' (you know what I'm sayin'?) conversation comes up, I get to thinking about the tusks issue. I've never seen trolls kiss -- but I imagine the tusks must get in the way. And I *know* there can't be ...action...down, um, there, you know, because dang, those things are pointy and if I see pointy things going anywhere near my, um, down there area, I'm not feeling like it's going to be enjoyable. How does it work? Do girl trolls miss out in this area? If so, how sad. Perhaps being a dwarf gives me an advantage in this area, or at least makes it easier on the knees.