Hi there! The name's Nenicirene, and I'm a fictional character in the World of Warcraft on the Argent Dawn server. I talk a lot, and since, like most warlocks, I'm an egomaniac, I operate under the delusion that the public at large is interested in my mad babbling. To that extent, I have collected it here in the form of several essays-by-accretion. Enjoy!

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An Overview

Gnomeregan. Never forget. Never again.

This is no mere slogan; it is the uniting philosophy of those us who survived the greatest tragedy that has ever befallen gnomekind. In one night, most of my race was killed and our civilization toppled. None of us who survived were unchanged. Some of us deny it, some run from it, some rage in anger, some seal themselves up inside and refuse to come out, and some few try to deal with it and move on as best we can. We all still hurt, but I find that writing about it makes it hurt a little less.