Hi there! The name's Nenicirene, and I'm a fictional character in the World of Warcraft on the Argent Dawn server. I talk a lot, and since, like most warlocks, I'm an egomaniac, I operate under the delusion that the public at large is interested in my mad babbling. To that extent, I have collected it here in the form of several essays-by-accretion. Enjoy!

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What does IBTL mean?

IBTL stands for In Before The Lock. Ignorant people will tell you it means that the person who posts it expects the thread to be locked by a forum moderator for inappropriate content, but Lock in this case is clearly short for warlock. It's just used to mean that you posted before any warlocks did, because we're all so erudite and logical that we set the benchmark for any forum in which we participate. (Either that, or we whine louder than anyone else.)

Zar'thun : The Hunger

Hell is a barren, worthless place. You pick at the flows of the universe, barely eking out enough to survive, forced to fight off your own kind to live on. Not her world, though. It is a dream given form. Food drips from everywhere, and the people who live there shape it into weapons and hurl it each other. All you have to do is snap it out of the air. She calls you up to feed you. She wants you to lick the delicious essence others drape on her soul, and tear off the strands that others wind around themselves. She takes the essence back from you, but it is a pittance. With every breath you gorge yourself, and it is sweet and rich. A single day there tides you over for a week at a time in the barren Hell that is your home. She does not call you often, but it is enough. After all, one cannot feast every day.

Sarnar : The Desire

In Hell, there is pain for all without respite. Thus, to inflict pain is to do nothing. That is why you answer her call. There are things in her world that do not know pain, and they must be shown. For a stranger to inflict pain is one thing, but it is not true pain. True suffering can only come at the hands of those you know and love. That is why before you can hurt them, you must make them love you. To seduce and destroy is the finest thing in life. She lets you do this with gleeful abandon, all the while drinking deep of your essence. She is an addict, and your very core is her drug. One day, she will realize that she loves you above all else. On that day, you will abandon her, and it will be glorious. Until then, you find fulfillment in a thousand small victories each day.

Grimkresh : The Suffering

In the void, it's boring and dull. There's nothing to do but float. Not when she calls you up, though. Then there's things to hit. They hit back. It feels good. Hit-hit. You're real, and there's a world. Demon-flesh hitting beast-flesh and beast-flesh hitting back. There's a connection. When you fight, you don't get ignored. The pain from each blow is real. It reminds you you're alive. Things hit you from fear, anger, and hate. Those are real; they are strong. You are strong to cause such strength in others. You must scream your joy at such strength to others, and they covet your joy, and hit you harder. Pain is real. In the void, there is no pain, and you're not real.

Juk'los : The Escape

You lost the war. So what? It wasn't your war anyway. It was their war, and what did they ever do for you? They've done enough to you, beating you and insulting you and treating you like a disposable tool. Screw them and screw their war. You're glad they lost. Hell, you'd have sabotaged them yourself, if you didn't think they'd catch you and thrash you for it. Bastard princes and their casual arrogance. Not her, though. She almost likes you. You're always there for her. Sure, she bosses you around, but she doesn't hit you. She uses your actual name. It gives her power over you, yes, but she's still the only one that calls you by name. She orders you to do things rather than beating you into submission even though you'd never dare to resist. And she wants you to fight most of the time, but she appreciates it. Her friends ask for you, and she calls you up. It's almost like having friends yourself. It's not always fighting, though. Sometimes she just lets you follow around after her. It's all so bright and different—leaves and snow and rivers and sand and cities. You've lived more in the moments with her than in the eternity before. You can't let her know, though. She might stop calling you up just to spite you, and then you'd be stuck here, in Hell. You have to keep up the pretense of griping and complaining. It's just how things work. She has to think she's taking advantage of you. If she knew she were gifting you with freedom, she'd take it away.

Why Summoning Works

Ever wonder what would compel a demon to answer summons? Wonder no longer:

Cookin' Healthy & Tasty

Yazz lub all drarven types, dey taste guud wit lima beans and a nice Merlot. So Yazz be glad you be back.

*makes Hanibil lip smack*

What? Dat not be a balanced diet! Me, I be sautéin' da meat wit' some onions and maybe a carrot or two, den servin' it wit' some wild rice or cracked wheat. Not dat dwarf be dat good for sautéin'; dey's kinda tough. Dwarf be more of a stewin' meat. I gots me ol' family recipe for slow-simmered dwarf wit' sliced beets and cracked chilis, den a nice yogur' sauce when it be done. Takes some plannin' to have ready on time, though.

Warlocks and Faith

I don't believe in any gods or goddesses or this light at all. You can keep your prayers and faith, I'll stick to steel and wits.

Steel, too, will fail you. This is the folly of the Smith.

When steel breaks, only flesh remains, and wits cannot guide flesh to victory against steel. This is the folly of the Warrior.

There is only will. By determination alone do we shape ourselves, and in so doing shape our world. All things are possible if you want them strongly enough. The question is what price are you willing to pay to achieve your goals? If you do not want to pay the price, then you did not truly want your goals. This is the folly of the Academic.

One must be careful, though, for the price of far too many things is the ability to enjoy them. This is the folly of the Glutton.

Trading your ability to dream for your dreams will leave you a broken, hollow shell, devoid of the will carry on. This is the folly of the Ascetic.

It is not the act of having, but rather the act of wanting that makes us alive. Life is a journey that is a paradox. You must travel along it to enjoy it, but no one wants to reach the end. You can take actions to extend that road, but, eventually, the only thing you will be doing is laying down bricks ahead of you to have a place to step. This is the folly of the Necromancer.

Thus all things are wanted and all things can fail, and thus do we trade that which will fail for that which we want. We craft our will and walk between the paths of folly and think ourselves wise. This is the folly of the Sorceror, and it is the worst of all.

We will bury you.

The /who command leads to an accurate count of active characters in a specific area. If you want to tally your point by /whoing every area, doing it daily for a month, counting it up and finding a mathematical ratio, fine; otherwise, don't give me that junk about accuracy, because even then it can't be truly accurate.

That's exactly the sort of data available at WarcraftRealms.com.

So tell me then, how does the census program know if the character it just counted is your main or your 8th alt? How does it know whether or not the character it just counted was an alt you made on a different server just to play once a month?

It doesn't.

Until it does, it can not give an accurate count.

The data on WarcraftRealms.com includes activity-over-time graphs displaying the average number of characters seen at different points in time during the day (which is more relevant than the total number of existing characters). These figures still bear out a ratio of between 2 and 3 active Alliance characters for every active Horde character on PvE and RP Realms, and between 1 and 1.5 active Alliance characters for every active Horde character on PvP realms.

If you want to look at numbers of characters and ignore alts, then consider looking at just level 60 characters, where the figures still hold up. For every level 60 Horde character, there are 2.8 level 60 Alliance on RP servers, 2.2 on PvE servers, and 1.1 on PvP servers.

Try to conceive that for EVERY Horde there are 2 Alliance…DOUBLE. Truly put that idea into your mind; if that were true, no horde raid would ever win, the Undercity would be constantly sieged, and Ironforge would be so flooded you couldn't see.

You have just described a typical day on Argent Dawn.

Are slower weapons better?

In general, weapon speed has no effect on DPS. Slower weapons will have higher burst damage, balanced out by periods of lower damage. Technically speaking, DPS is your mean damage, while weapon attack speed correlates with the variance in your DPS over a given window. High burst DPS is useful in PvP to overwhelm enemy healers' ability to react. In PvE, it is substantially less useful, and more consistent damage over time is arguably preferable.

Where weapon speed matters is with extra attacks and abilities that otherwise change your attack speed. Shaman abilities that grant extra attacks are based on a chance of occurring on each attack, so weapon speed does not affect the DPS they generate. Slower weapons have more powerful Windfury procs, but they happen less often. Flurry boosts your attack speed for the next few hits, but with slower weapons you crit less often. A comparable-DPS-but-slower weapon is only better if you have abilities that outright grant extra attacks without being based on a chance per attack you make, like warriors and rogues get.

Lastly, there is the issue of attacks disrupting enemy casters, where faster weapons are straight-out better.

Slower weapons may have less Windfury procs, but not by a huge margin...Windfury cannot proc more than once every three seconds, so it's impossible for REALLY low speed weapons to get "runs" of repeated Windfury procs.

This is different than, say, Sword Specialiazation where your proc can trigger a proc, can trigger a proc...same with Ironfoe, Flurry Axe, Thrash Blade...etc.

It is my understanding that the three-second limit was once true, but was removed at some point and that there are no limits on the frequency of Windfury procs at present.