Velocity = Sentience x Keypress

I've previously wondered about the physics of things. For instance, gravity pulls you down at a constant rate. There's no acceleration, so it's clearly not a conventional force. In fact, there seems to be no acceleration at all in the game. Things go from zero speed to constant speed and back in the blink of an eye. Momentum does not exist.

However, all player races travel at the same speed, whether they be short little gnomes or tall old tauren. Thus, I hypothesize that there is a "speed of sentience", which is how fast an intelligent being can move. In fact, there's three speeds at which you can move: stopped, walking, and running. There is no in-between; it's analogous to electron orbitals. Monsters are clearly less intelligent than us, hence they can move faster. Mounts, being even dumber, let us outrun them. This clearly means that epic flying mounts rival the IQ of a brick.